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Roman Novikov RA3R and The Tambov award group ("TAG") would like to announce award programm "RDA" (Russian Districts Award).

[B.] What is "RDA"?
RDA (Russian Distict Award) is an international award program, designed to attract interest in amateur radio by encouraging communication with various districts in the russian federation. The RDA Programme was established to encourage confirmed contacts with all areas in Russia. There are currently 6 different awards varying in difficulty and complexity, these take the form of certificates. Two plaque awards are available for Honor Roll and #1 Honor Roll.

[C.] District assignments in the Russian Federation
The RDA Russian districts award includes a list of areas designated by the Russian Federation. These consist of a total of 2642 different districts inside 85 different oblasts. Many hours of work went into the deviding of Russia into territories. A unique number has been assigned to each district within an oblast.
For example the Oktjabrsky district in Tambov as been assigned TB-02. Confirmation of this information must be specified on the air and also on the QSL-card, for credit to be awarded for the contact.

[D.] How are the results calculated ?
Radio contacts with each RDA district of Russia are excepted, areas are to be worked only once, repeated QSOs with each district are not allowed irrespective of whether they were worked on a different band, or with another stations within that district.

[E.] Russian Districts Awards "RDA" Program Organization
The RDA-committee is part of the TAG (Tambov Award Group), the radio amateur group engaged in the organising of amateur radio expeditions to various districts of Russia. The chairman of the RDA committee and the RDA manager are appointed council. RDA committee decisions are published in various radioamateur DX-bulletins and are located on the RDA website. All financing of the RDA program are carried out by the members of the TAG themselves.

[F.] Only for Russian dx-peditions

[G.] "RDA" Commitee Liability
The "RDA" manager, committee and club members will not be responsible for any loss, financial or otherwise, caused by any actions of operators participating in the "RDA" awards program. The "RDA" holds no liability for actions taken by any member or non member active in the pursuit of "RDA" awards. Anyone entering the "RDA" program agrees to the terms disclosed here and can not hold the "RDA", "TAG" or any of its members, non-members, committee members or other officers or officials liable for any actions taken by those involved in the program.


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