RDA Mobile (RDAM) 2016 Rules

"TAG" Тambov Award Group.

Organizers of the Activity Day "RDA Mobile" invite all radio amateurs from the Russian Federation and foreign countries to participate in the activity day.
QSOs may be carried out only with Russian mobile stations with call signs ending with / M, / MM, and / AM (provided that the aircraft is a balloon, light or ultra-light aircraft). QSOs between mobile participants are also allowed

12 JUNE 2016 from 04:00 UTC till 16:00 UTC (12 h).

3. BANDS, MHz:
3,5; 7; 14; 21; 28. (Excluding WARC bands).


5. Participating categories:
1. MOBILE (any Russian station using / M, / MM, / AM)
2. FIXED (any fixed Russian station, including portable stations / P)
3. WORLD (any foreign station)
6.1. Repeated radio contacts are permitted by changing the mobile station's RDA district, on different bands, and on the same band - different modes (CW, SSB or DIGI modes).
6.2. Participants are strongly advised not to remove DUPEs. In most cases, DUPE of the same station means that for the first time reports or calls were incorrectly logged.

7. Exchange:
7.1. Foreign stations transmit: RS (T) + QSO number, starting with 001. One serial number sequence for all bands.
7.2. Russian amateurs (both for categories 1 and 2): RS(T) + RDA number (for example TB02).

8.1. For categories 2 and 3 (foreign and local Russian fixed call signs):
- QSO with a mobile station from any unique area RDA - 1 point;
8.2. Mobile stations:
- Points will be awarded, with main criterion the number of activated areas RDA (provided that in each area was conducted at least 50 QSO)

9.1. Refereeing Day Activity "RDA MOBILE" is fully computerized. Paper logs are not accepted.
9.2. The panel of judges urges participants, using a computer to operate in competition or to create a report after the event, send reports only in the form of files.
Jury decision is final.

10.1. Log reports of mobile stations are encouraged to be created in format "ADIF", which is formed by all known logs programs for the competition. The name of the file should contain call sign (for example, rk3rwa.adi). It is allowed to provide separate ADIF files for each active region.
10.2. For categories 2 and 3 (foreign and local fixed call signs) submitting logs are not necessary. The results will be created using the logs of the submitted mobile stations.

11. LOG report:
11.1. Logs should be sent to: rx3rc@rdaward.org
11.2. Receiving reports of mobile participants by e-mail will be confirmed within 24 hours. 11.3. Period of submitting the log report: not later than 5 days after the Activity of the day (up to 17 June 2016 inclusive). 11.4. Final results will be published June 18, 2016.

RDA Mobile Result site:

12.1. Participants who ended up in first positions for subgroups 2 and 3 (both foreign and Russian fixed call signs), are awarded with sponsored plaques.
12.2. All mobile participants of Activity Day "RDA Mobile" will be awarded plaques provided activation of at least 5 RDA areas and with not less than 25 QSO activated in each RDA district. Special plaques will be awarded to the mobile station with the highest number of activated RDA districts during the activity day.

13. RDA Award Credits:
13.1. Contacts in RDA Mobile Activity Day are valid for RDA Award without QSL card verification provided that contacts are uploaded by mobile stations to:


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Estimated routes of mobile participants:

1. Team R7AB will be active as R7AB/3/m from - VR-28, VR-33, VR-19, VR-44, LP-09, TB-17, TB-30, TB-26, TB-25, TB-13, TB-29, TB-01, TB-29, TB-05. Another areas possible.

2. Mike R9GM and Andrey R8FF will be active as R8FF/m from - PM-46, PM-29, PM-41, PM-17, PM-44, PM-09, PM-08, PM-13, PM-11, PM-10, PM-24, PM-48, PM-32, PM-39, PM-01, PM-02, PM-03, PM-04, PM-05, PM-06, PM-07, PM-50

3. Alex RA3AV and Sergey RZ9SZ/3 will be active as RA3AV/m from - МА-01, MA-05, MA-07, MA-08, MA-10, MA-09, MA-11, MA-12, MA-02, MA-06, MA-04, MA-03.

4. Oleg RC2A/M - MO-88 - MO-64 - MO-77 - MO-15 - MO-75 - MO-36 - MA-12 - MO-09 - MO-83 - MO-02 - MO-76 - MO-54 - MO-50 - MO-94 - MO-27 - MO-82 - MO-60 - MO-24 - MO08 - MO-49 - MO-68.

5. Oleg RD1A, Sergey R1A-325, Alex R1A-330 will be active as RD1A/m from - SP-04, SP-03, SP-16, SP-02, SP-20, SP-01, SP-05, SP-08, SP-13, SP-16, SP-06, SP-14, SP-19, SP-14, SP-07, SP-04, SP-03, SP-12, SP-10, SP-09, SP-17, LO-30, LO-25, LO-36, NV-23, NV-14, NV-01, NV-04

6. Sergey RL6K and Rustam RU6K will be active as RU6K/m from - RK-01, RK-02, RK-03, RK-25, RK-14, RK-28, RK-14, SE-03, SE-04, SE-02, SE-01, SE-02, SE-03, RK-14, RK-25, RK-24, RK-10, RK-24, RK-07, RK-24, RK-23, RK-22, RK-18, RK-16, RK-06, RK-16, RK-21, RK-26, RK-17, RK-12, RK-11, RK-15, RK-29, RK-15, RK-25, RK-02.

7. Andrey RM4N will be active as RM4N/m from - KI-03, KI-46, KI-33, KI-20, KI-07, KI-16.

9. RW9TP/M & RU9SO/M - OB-43, OB-51, OB-53, OB-51, OB-27, OB-34, OB-05, OB-06, OB-07, OB-14, OB-25, OB-31, OB-13, OB-22, OB-42, OB-37, OB-02, OB-01

10. Igor UA3EDQ and Alex RU3EJ will be active as UA3EDQ/m from OR-23, OR-25, OR-09, OR-19, OR-14, OR-24, OR-08, OR-21, OR-16, OR-21, OR-08, OR-12, OR-22, OR-15, OR-20, OR-06, OR-20, OR-07, OR-23.

11. Fred UA9CUA will be active as UA9CUA/m from - SV-51, SV-32, SV-29, SV-84, SV-28, SV-19

12. Gena R5QA and Andrey RW3O will be active as UB5O/m from some VR- and BO- areas.

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