The RDA Committee Press release #19.
The RDA Diploma Committee has made a decision to completely switch to automatic issuance of RDA diplomas starting from January 1, 2021. For that, all the participants’ data will be accumulated on the RDA Auto Credit service

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The author of this service is Aadu ES1TU, while all verification and credit actions are carried out by: Roman RA3R, Sergey UA3AAJ, and Vladimir RL1W.
The transition period for loading scans is one year. The steps for loading scans from various amateur radio services are described in detail below.
Procedure and Rules for loading QSL scans to the RDA Auto Credit Server.
Acceptance of QSL scans (paper, LoTW and Hamlog) started on January 1, 2021 on the RDA MYDX.EU Auto-Credit website
There are 2 ways to load scans:
- For a smartphone
- For a PC


1. How to load paper QSLs:
- According to the RDA Diploma Rules, QSO are counted starting from June 12, 1991
- Priority is considered to be the RDA number that is either printed or handwritten on the QSL, the exception being the RDA numbers previously removed from the list, but later included in it again. Be sure to check the RDA number with the current RDA list:
List of RDA districts

- it is forbidden to independently add the RDA number. The QSL on which the QSO data are written in a different handwriting or in other ink go through additional checks.
- if there is no RDA number on the QSL, check it against the RDA base:
RDA Callsign Base
The RDA number and date must be exactly the same as the base.

- If several QSOs with different RDA numbers are specified on the same QSL, then such a QSL must be loaded several times, each time indicating the RDA number required for the offset.
- For two-side QSLs where the information is on both sides of the QSL both sides of the card must be loaded
- QSL scan quality must be sufficient to read all QSO data; in case of poor quality the scan will be rejected with the wording “No image”
- the QSL scan must match the original QSL completely, no cropped edges is allowed, all QSO data and other information on the QSL must be completely legible


2. How to load the LoTW scans
- You must load your scan from the Details tab

- the data on the RDA number are missing on the LoTW server, so it must be independently determined from the RDA base:
RDA Callsign Base
the RDA number and date must match the ones in the base.

- If two or more RDA areas are specified in the database on this date, such a scan cannot be accepted for credit and will be rejected.
- If information in the RDA database is completely missing for this callsign, then such a scan is also not accepted for credit


3. Procedure for loading the Hamlog scans
- on the site, the Hamlog scans are located in the "Received HQSL" tab
- the prerequisite: time must be specified in the Time (UTC) column; if “Non CFM“ is stated, such a scan is rejected
- the RDA number must be specified in the lower right corner of the scan, for example, CO:TB-02. This is a prerequisite; scans without the RDA number will be rejected

- scans with multiple RDA numbers on one QSL that are not an area boundary will be considered an error when loading the log and will also be rejected
- if several QSOs with different RDA numbers are specified on the same QSL, then such a QSL must be loaded several times, each time indicating the RDA number required for the offset


4. Set-off procedure of personal RDA activations: the Activator tab
- to set off the personal RDA of the expedition as a "hunter" on the personal callsign, you need to make a scan of the expeditionary QSL, indicate the RDA number in the corresponding field and the activation date on the QSL itself, and write "Activator" in large letters
- during the scan check, the log is taken into account in the Autocount system for this area and the number of correspondents in the log is sufficient to set off the activation of the area


eQSLs are not accepted for credit, scans are rejected.